Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gee Whiz......Thanks A LOT!

I'm cursed. Addicted. Tortured. The other day Big Penguin was complaining that he couldn't get a song out of his head and sent me a song by Black-eyed Peas called Pump It. VERY addictive tune. It has been stuck in my head for days. 'And say, oh oh oh oh' When I wake, working, etc. Then when I finally noticed the song is GONE, it pops right back. 'Shake it, shake it, shake it girl Make sure you don't break it girl'. The beat and rhythm pattern is imprinted on my brain.' 'This joint is fizzlin', It's sizzlin'.....STOP! Leave me ALONE. Exorcise this from me. I'm playing the 'Haircut' folder of soothing music to rid this insane looping song.
Penguin.....SHAME on YOU!!!
While posting this rant, I somehow engaged the keyboard filter. Who knew there was such a thing? It means you have to hold each key down for about 5 seconds to type. I'm going crazy!!!
Finally found the cure in Accessibility Options/Keyboard/turn OFF filter keys.
A diversion from THE torture song.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Midnight City of Lights

Midnight in the house reveals a hidden city of nocturnal creatures. They are not alive, but lights that glow in the dark. The nightlights are a given, but there seems to be a whole biome of other lights. There are the double greens of the printer and the 2 seductive blue points of the external drive and firebox. The family room has a whole family of points of brightness with the DVD, VSH, and the external lights on the stereo. There is a glowing light from the receiver for the outdoor door camera. The microwave has its own glow from the digital clock. There is a seductive blue light from the studio. I don't know what it is. It's too dark to go in and find out, but it glows like a lighthouse beam making walking through the house at night safe. I think its blue lights are the sexiest. It seems like fireflies have invaded our home and have hidden among our things and are only revealed in the middle of the night. They are silent and steady in there concealment and when the dawn breaks, their light can't complete with the sun and they fade back into the background. Only if you deliberately look can you still see them beaming out their presence during the daytime.