Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Signed-sealed-waiting for delivery. It's ours.

The patio/pool area is getting a make-over. We looked at the tax refund and decided this was the best time. Blaine talked to 4 different contractors getting estimates, and we decided tonight. The chattahoochee will be GONE! to be replaced with Euro Concete that will be colored the way we decide.

The river rock around the pool will be GONE! to be replaced with the finish to the edge of the pool.
The yellow tile around the top of the pool will be GONE! to be replaced with whatever tile we choose. We saw some pretty colbalt with hibiscus. The actual pool finish will be GONE! to be replaced with a finish called Gem Bright (same as Diamond Brite, but cheaper)

Work won't start for approx 4 weeks.

Exciting times at Coral Springs. We may become a SoFla hot spot.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ren Fest

We go to the Renaissance Festival every year. It's the perfect time of the year for it here in South Florida. The weather was beautiful.

It is interesting to see how the festival goers dress. They are not part of the cast, but love to dress in period costumes. But what period?

I spotted on woman who patterned herself on Xena,
Warrior Princess with a short black leather 'dress' complete

with a sheathed weapon on her back. I guess there is not much airport type security risks at the fair. She could have hacked up all to pieces.

Then there are the goth types. Anthing that is black and has a cape works for them. Again, I'm not sure of the authenticity of the black goth look in Renaissance times.

Girls go for the fairy look. With wings strapped on and glitter make up and Tinkerbell outfits , they travel in groups and totally get into their role.

They can be really scary sometimes.

My favorites are the cast members who are royalty. They look what I think royalty should look like. They are always in their role and carry their feuds from the jousting at the Field of Dreams to the Royal Chess match with people as the chess pieces.

When the parade comes through, it looks like a festival.

Since we've been here before, we don't have to try to see every show. We have our favorite places to go. We like the visit the birds of prey. The falconer has been coming year after year and sleeps in a teepee right next to all of his birds.

Lady Ettie is a character we look forward to. She dresses like the equivalent of a homeless person, but puts on the airs of the very rich.

Finally, the merchandise. Colorful trinkets to catch the eye. Who wouldn't want to wear the ribboned circle of flowers? or a pair of fairy wings? Of course outside of the fair you would never wear these items. There are unusual musical instruments being played by people who are hoping you either buy the instrument, the CD, or put tips into their coffer.

This year it was a wind wornament that twirled and created an optical illusion that caught my eye. I love wind catchers anyway. Lucky for me my birthday was only 4 days away.

This year we could see the extensive hurrican damage. So many of the trees had been knocked over and had been removed. It was naked looking and won't look normal for many years to come.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Our Adoption

We have a new member in our family. We cancelled our plans to attend the Ren Fest and went out today after hearing that this orphan needed a new home. The family conditions were appalling. Look at the photo. He was living in these squalid conditions since the end of October when Wilma came to town.

It was covered in a blue tarp to try to give it shelter as the owner had to live elsewhere. She handed us a dust mask to wear before we went in and she donned one herself. It was love at first sight. The previous owner only wanted
$10 for it, but it had to be moved out
immediatly. DEAL! Blaine paid $100 to the previous owner, a little old lady who was very worried how it was going to get home since she lived on the 2nd story of condo complex.

The transportation home was arranged and we took ownership. Two professionals moved it down the 15 steps and to our home. At home it received a thorough mold-killing cleaning and it settled right in and looks to be a long-time member of the family. Gypsy hasn't paid much attention to it yet, but we can see where she should settle down on it quit nicely in the future. Meet BALDWIN.

Moving fees: $200. Total cost $300!. Priceless. He's tuning right now because he can't wait to play 'our' piano even though he's off the whole next week for Spring Break.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Mr. Jerry

My clerk is out of state finalizing the deal to build her new house in Georgia and will be gone till next Thurs. They got a sub for her. Probably not because I need the help, but because they just pinned 1-2 Kdgn classes on her while the Guidance lady is bubbling tests ready for FCAT in 2 weeks.

Mr. Jerry was the sub. He is a morning person. Very talky. He was chatting on and on with a para and didn't even hear the child keep saying "excuse me" I'm ready to check out. MRS. KAUFFMAN....WHERE ARE YOU? (I'm in my office) He subs a lot at our school, so you'd think he owns the place. I heard about how he just turned 75 (he doesn't look or act 75), how his kids are incredibly successful, rich, important, etc, and the biggest of all sins.....how different things are done 'at Quiet Waters'. "They have letters on the shelves at Quiet Waters that makes it so much easier". " They have a special place for all the Arthur books that is especially well designed." "I sub a lot at Quiet Waters, and I know how to.....(fill in the blank)
PLEESE! I had to explain that my library is not where I want it to be and that it's a work in progress.

Mr Jerry had troubles with the circulation. He would scan names and wouldn't wait for the name to come up, hit the F2 button again and scan the books. I don't think the books are checked out. While I had a class he would call over to me that he needed help.Oh well.
I also found out he shelved. He didn't know about the Easy Dewey....so they are probably wrong and said that he put things back in the Resource Room. I'm afraid.

Come Monday I'm to have a different sub as Mr Jerry has Quiet Waters for 2 days. (You know he subs there a lot and they love him) I think the new sub is Mr John? or Mr. Tom? Wonder what he already knows.