Monday, April 17, 2006

REALLY Big Babies

This last weekend we went to Disney World and Sea World. We had a great time, BUT I have complaint to lodge against these parks, especially Disney. There should be a law that you can't rent strollers out to parents whose children are over the age of 8. Giant children were being pushed about by their parents. The kids could barely get their feet on the footrest their thighs were so long. Even worse were the parents who rented a double-wide so that 2 of these overgrown babies could ride around.

Babies & toddlers who don't have the size and endurance are the intended riders, but I can hear Jay Leno say, "How lazy have we become when our fat-assed kids have to be pushed in strollers." Parents need to plan less and go back to the motel and rest up and come out again later.

I saw one wall of strollers behind me ready to clip my heels. It was a double wide next to a single next to a guy in a wheelchair. Stoller people are on a mission and you'd better not be in their way. At another spot I saw where the adults had given over the electric cart to the 2 young boys to play with. They were not using it responsibly and as you might expect it was a big toy for them.

The parks are SO expensive and have so much to do in them that people squeeze as much time as they can and that means they lug , tote, and wheel their too old kids around. Those parents looked done in to trying to push their big babies around. Kids, you need to WALK.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Living in the Present

I don't usually plan way-far ahead. It probably started that way because Blaine didn't like things planned. He would then feel obligated and fret about what ever function was coming up even if he would enjoy doing whatever it was. I now live in the present and what ever comes up in the short-range we can switch , pick and chose.

This week end it was an Arts Festival at The Walk. If money were no object, I'd have a lot of pretty things now. But it was not planned way far in advance even though we knew it was coming. It was 11:00 and 'hey, want to go to the festival?' OK. Yeah. Let's go. This works for two people, but when you try to work around other's schedules it can be disappointing. They may have planned way in advance to do something else.

I don't know what summer will bring. As long as I don't have to decide right now, I have unlimited possibilities. I live day-to-day working to survive all of the school craziness coming up. As soon as I commit to something for vacation, I'm stuck. Right now I don't know what I may want to do, but I THINK I can do anything thing. It's a false feeling because I like to do stuff with others and they have already planned something else. Oh, well, get over it Iris.