Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bone Night

Garbage pick up is on Thursdays and Mondays. Bone-night is Wednesdays and Sundays. We will eat well on those nights because our bones and leftovers that don't go down the disposer go out in the trash the next day.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday Night in the Big City

OK, I got home late from school. I was pulling books that needed AR labels. I have a program that identifies which books I have and have tests for. It's easy to work when it is quiet and no one interrupts.It was closer to six.

We eat out on Friday nights, so other than a quick turn-around we were off to eat. Traffic is thick on Friday nights at 6:00 and Blaine was headed for Steak-And-Shake. He turned off for it in the wrong block and then had to turn left and then a u-turn to head south on University again. Because traffic was streaming by in a steady stream, it took several minutes to finally get across to the restaurant.

We were seat next to a group of children (boys) that had pushed several tables together to accommodate their group. They seemed to think they owned the whole place. Loud talking. Yelling to the help in the kitchen and the kitchen help not discouraging it. Not for me on a Friday. We got up and left.

He headed next for Cheeburger-Cheeburger and we were seated clear in the back next to the wall in the corner at a table for two. When he looked over the menu there wasn't enough 'choices'.......and we again we got up and left the restaurant.

Again heading north on University he decided on Panero's. When he turned into the shopping center, he was in the wrong lane and had people flash their headlights at him. Oh MY!

After our meal we headed for Pet Supermarket because I wanted to get the fish tank up and running again. I let him pick out the plastic water plants while I got tubing, an aerator, and pondered over charcoal filters.

They had hamsters running madly about in their container, parakeets twirling on a wheel, and a cat that looked like Gypsy's sister. It was busy with people, pets, and customer's who have to shop WITH their dogs.

FINALLY got home and was so tired I just went to bed. By Friday night there is no way I can stay up and it's probably the best night to stay up.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Does it mean.....

We get advertisments and flyers stuck on our front door knob and in the yard. This morning on the way out to get the paper there was one wadded up and stuck through the door handle. It was an ad for painting the house. I tossed it. Tonight when I came home from school there was another ad in a plastic bag that they had weighted with 2 very white rocks so they could toss them out the car as they drove by. Guess what it was for. House painting.

Does it look like we NEED our house painted? or is this a general thing. I'm starting to feel picked on.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Dog House

This weekend we experienced a dog day afternoon. Blaine went off to buy some groceries and when he returned and came into the garage, 2 pit bulls followed him right to the door! He couldn't shut the door because they were still in the garage. He knew where they lived as they bark at him from their backyard on his daily walks.

He sneaked out to his car and went down to the neighbors house to ask if their dogs were home. They thought they were, but the fence gate was open. Blaine drove the guy back to our house where the guy proceeded to get the brutes on leases.

Next thing I know as I'm sitting at my computer, another dog comes up and inspects my bird bath and another dog right behind him. Seems this pair belongs to IB. Blaine went over to knock on their door, while I tracked them down in our back yard to keep them from bolting. Jasmine barked at me like crazy, but I was able to sweet talk Syd into coming with me. Poor thing limps with arthritis. Mrs. IB told Blaine IB forgets to shut the gate. DUH! And she know when Blaine knocks on the doors, it's because of the dogs.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


We went grocery shopping today and as I am want to do, I walk ALL the aisles. This time we took our time looking at the different foods. It was in the International Section that we had the most fun.

What is Irish Moss drink. It seems to really have irish moss as an ingrediant.

You can get Guarana Antartica Soda in a very tall 2 liter bottle.
And how about those soup mixes for Fish Tea Soup and Cock Soup.

You can buy Callaloo. Couldn't figure out what it was. It was near the Old Harbor Style Bammy. I'll bet the old harbor style must be the best kind.

Mauby Conentrate Drink is some kind of fruit?

In a box-type of container was Maracuja concentrate or drink. The picture looked like fish eyes. Yum.

How about Ty-Phoo. Regular or Decaf.

And finally Nestles Klim!

We are such boring eaters.