Monday, December 11, 2006

Mailing Lists

I wonder what I must have bought to get on such a variety of mailing listts. I bought NiJA's winter coat last I get Land's End. I never knew they had specialty catalogs. There must be a catalog for every situation. I ALSO get L.L. Bean. Both of these have terrific looking COLD weather stuff not really practical for most of the family living in Florida.

I bought the Shushing Librarian 'Action' Figure from Archie McPhee. What a blast it is to look through those.

I get catalogs from some company trying to sell me supplies and templates for all my scroll saw work. Why someone thinks I have a scroll saw is beyond me. Wond what list I was on for that to be sent.

I bought Christmas cards last year after Christmas on sale from MOMA. I know they sold my name. I got a really beautiful catalog last week with works of art items make of blown glass and artsy items, none costing less than $75 and that was for some very minor thing.

Our newspaper had a slick papered-high definition 1/4 " magazine in the daily newspaper showcasing jewelry. Jew
elry that all cost HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars worn by people in very strange poses. That was very expensive for them to produce, but if one person buys something, it will pay for it.

I ordered a couple of kid's magazines for the grands, and now I get upscale catalogs for all kinds of pricy toys. Educational of course. Because they magazines were animal-based, I get pleas from the National Wildlife Foundation.

They are all beautifully done and I couldn't begin to be able to afford to buy from even half of them. What a waste of paper and trees.