Monday, November 19, 2007

Throwing Down a Challenge

I challenge everyone to be able to do the Soulja Boy dance.
Instructions by Soulja Boy himself.

Be ready to rumble come this holiday weekend.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

To the Rescue

If you have ever lived in South Florida you
know about Muscovy ducks. They are the
ugliest bird alive.

I have a bird feeder near the front door and enjoy seeing most of the birds feeding, EXCEPT for the scavenging Muscovy ducks. They scarf up the seeds the other birds knock to the ground.

I saw one of them fly at the feeder like it was going to land, but it just tipped the feeder scattering even more seeds to the ground. And I thought they were stupid.

Unfortunately they also leave huge green poo piles on the front walk. I will accidentally step in it when I go out in the early morning darkness to retrieve the newspaper.

When you try to scare them away, they waddle just beyond reach and wait till you leave and calmly waddle back. When you run at them they again flutter just beyond reach and return. Grrrrrrrr.

Today Flying Screaming Monkey found his purpose! I've had him here and he'll scream when accidentally bumped annoying Blaine and scaring the cat. He IS a flying monkey.....OK a glorified slingshot, but the ducks didn't know. I take aim, he screams and hits them. They don't even hesitate to fly off across the street to the crazy animal lady who will feed anything.

Hooray for Flying Screaming Monkey keeping the neighborhood SAFE!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


A prisoner being transported in Broward killed the deputy and hijacked the van and gun. The man was from Our Town. Since my school( and 10 others) were near major transportation arteries, we were on lock down. No one moves. Doors locked. This was at 9:00.

This is the 3rd officer in 3 months killed point blank. There was no specials or lunch. All the specials teachers had to deliver food from the cafeteria to every classroom. We ran out of chicken nuggets (only 5 to a tray), then out of grilled cheese, egg salad, turkey sandwich, then bananas, applesauce. Plenty of apples.

3 and 1/2 hours later everyone was finally fed. We could now eat, but they finally captured the guy and specials were back on. We had 10 mins to eat and go to the bathroom, then back to schedule! My poor feet!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

157 SE Fallon Dr

We did a quick weekend camping for no reason at all and stopped in PSL to view the old homestead. Luckily it was empty and for rent so we stomped all around the place.
What a change.
What a mess.

Most of the pines around the place have been cut down and the rest of the lot is grown up with weeds.You can't even see the canal.
It's been painted with pink trim.

There are tile floors and the patio has been re screened so that one door is completely gone. We did find our names where we etched them into the concrete.

The back yard is fenced somewhat, but there is only a little walkway between the fence and the growth that totally hides the canal.

The trees are mostly dead, the basketball goal is gone. The little oak I planted is huge and all over the power lines, the sycamore tree I planted looks scruffy, and the oleander I planted is still growing. Not very bushy, but still there.

West Virginia is being widened and all the homes that faced it have been bought out. It will become a major road connecting US 1 to PSL west of the turnpike. Here is a link detailing the very major project. It includes a bridge.

Happ Boo-Day.

Trick or Treat!

We had left overs. I wonder why?

Happy B'Day Mac-A-Doo!

The orange one is not from our family.

Two Princesses and Big Penguin.

She is 7!

With Bunny Bun Bun who hasn't yet received her new outfit of a bridal gown with veil. Both look cuddly.