Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cool People

I was in Orlando to attend the FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference)
this last week and got to hang out with some presenters. That was really fun. Every year when it's over I get depressed because I'm a LOSER. I never WIN
anything. I should win something because I want it more than other people. It's no good to tell me about all the cool stuff that companies give me. They give it to everyone.

I REALLY wanted to win a clicker system. I sat next to the people who win whole systems from eInstruction and Quizdom. Loser!

I went to Orlando Premium Outlets (with Lola's help) This is where Cool People shop. Big brand name$. Fendi, Armani, Calvin Klein, Hilfiger, Perry Ellis.
What does it take to be Cool?
  • Cool people's clothes look immaculate. Crisp, bright, expensive without looking gaudy.
  • Cool people have a foot size that can try on any shoe especially the high heeled ones. In fact, they love to shop and walk everywhere in heels.....heels with long pointy toes that look like weapons. Their feet never hurt.
  • Cool people can always find a place to sit to eat in the food court. They don't balance a tray their lap because there are no tables available.
  • When they are finished with their food, they just sit there forever doing nothing but being cool.
  • Their packages never seem to be heavy and a burden to tote around.
  • They are usually tall and never seem to have bad hair.
  • Really cool folks don't have little children that have to be toted or pushed. Their children are a little older and already have a keen sense of what to buy too.
I'm not cool. I'm totally not impressed with a must-have Fendi purse or the pointy toed shoes. I did find a couple pairs of shoes I can wear. I can't wear the $$$ sandals from Gaylord Palms for every situation that may require something other than my New Balance shoes or my black school shoes. Yes, I think I have a modest dressy shoe.

I do love Kohl's though. I can always find something there that I must have. This last time I even got a 15% discount because it was Wednesday. Works for me! :-) How cool is THAT?

Monday, January 22, 2007

What's Going Up?

Rumors? What rumors?

The Toys-R-Us is gone and building has been empty for awhile, but in "The Magazine for the Premier Community in which to Live, Work and Raise a Family---Coral Springs, Winter 2007 it describes a project that is exciting for the electronic junkies in the family. Best Buy! (not to be confused with Buy Best) is going in the old store.

The open date in the magazine says Jan 19th, but that date has passed. I don't really know if it's open or the opening date is delayed.

In checking the city web site it seems that a Super Target will go in close to the old Target. It also lists a Target/Ross (?) going up at University and Westview. That's across from Magnolia Theaters.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Girl Scouts & Cookies

It's that time of year again. Love the girl scout cookies. (Yeah, the Thin Mints). Being a Media Specialist at an elementary schools means I have access to cookies. We have a teacher who has 2 daughters that are scouts. Order you cookies and bing-0, they are delivered ASAP. I've already bought 5 boxes, 4 mints and 1 cafe.

This weekend the scouts were set up in the lobby of Publix. Parents are savvy and put the littlest brownies out front to beg you to buy cookies. There were so many of them that surged towards everyone who was entering or leaving the store that you could hardly get through the lobby. Then, because they are the youngest scouts, they are easily distracted and are just being little girls not sales-persons.

They don't know that I've already supported scouting already with my purchases. There should be some kind of sticker or button you can wear like the 'I voted' stickers you get on exiting the polling booths that could show that you'd already supported the cause and it's going to be fruitless to ask for more again.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Comet McNaught

Who knew? Evidently this comet has been out there awhile, but today is the first I saw something about it. The last comet I've seen is when Coral Springs still had 'the edge of the earth' to go view night items without light pollution. I wasn't able to tell if it's viewable in SoFLa.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas-pas deux

It's not many that get to celebrate 2 Christmases. Our second 'go-round' was this last week-end and it was as awesome as the one on December 25th. Both times we we able to include NY NinJa via skype to be a part of our 'good times'. This includes the Monopoly game as a present.

When I think of the presents, the one that seems to get the most play is Potty Putty. The endless joke of making 'potty' sounds never tires. It's still just as funny the 200th time.

Lip gloss on little girls is charming. They haven't mastered how to apply it and it's all over the lips and adjoing face. And then the invitation to 'smell' the flavor of cherry, grape, or chocolate is adorable.

The GPA that hubby got was quickly named 'Lola' and she bossed us all the way home. Little Lola doesn't ALWAYS know the best way. We got off the turnpike to travel on I95. She did NOT like that. She continued to prompt us to exit and get back on the turnpike. When the exit she chose for us was ignored, she would say (I think with an attitude) "recalculating". Now he takes her to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and just around the block for a spin. Good grief!

Finally the Gators Mojo and Juju to prepare for. The 'lucky' shirts, croc shoes, car magnets, amd trash talk. It worked! What a great feeling to have backed a winning team all year.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This has been a drama-drama 2 weeks.

  • I got a new computer for Christmas. The drama-drama is switching all the important stuff from the older computer and then trying to make it work. Tears....HELP!....more tears.....IT DOESN"T WORK.....tears....I ALREADY did that.....OK...OK....I'll just leave......Stupid computers.

  • The older computer goes to hubby and he can't get it to work for him. After spending hours/days reformatting etc he finally discovered it required 7-8 discs that Dell sent and you have to search the discs for the drivers you need.

  • Repairs.....the new garage door is beautiful. The opener quit working. The guy installed a new opener. Great. Works fine. When we came home from shopping the door went up and I walked over to turn on the outside lights. A shower of sparks and the circuit breaker tripped. We cannot turn on the outside lights without short-circuiting something. Now to get someone to find out why.

  • Ancestors. I spent this last summer researching our geneology. There was nothing on the hubby's side. I finally hit a gold mine and found out the names of his Aunts and Uncles. He had no idea. Today, we received an email from an actual live cousin who happened to find my work on a page somewhere. He has a book about his ancestors and has even used DNA testing to positively trace the right branch. Seems the ancestors have been Amish/Mennonites and were traced back to Switzerland. What a gift.