Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where Shopping is............

We went bicycling this evening. The weather cleared up and the heat of the day was gone. It is also good exercise.

After ride around almost the whole developement we headed over to the 7-11 store at the corner of Coral Ridge and Sample where there is construction behind the building. It takes the whole rest of the corner. We were trying to figure out what it could be. Doors, but no windows to speak of. We tried to find the building permit, but signs posted said we were going to be charge with a felony if we tresspassed on the construction site.

Blaine finally went inside 7-11 to ask them if they knew what the building was going to be.


How close is that!? We COULD ride over and not have to cross the streets like you do with McDonald's and Walgreens.

PUBLIX!!......where shopping is a pleasure.