Thursday, May 15, 2008

Coming Soon

Talk at school...across from the new WalMart on Hillsboro near State Road 7/441 will be a..KOHL'S!!!!

Woo Hoo.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

What Happened Here?

The cable company has been installing. We used to have a post with a box attached near the fence. They are upgrading and replaced the post with a concrete pad and a huge unit that it big as an air-conditioner.

This week when I came home there were spray-painted lines on the ground indicating where the electric, phone, and cable lines were. We plowed through the bushes and looked what they had been doing this time. Interestingly we found a pair of brown-streaked men's underwear?!? How? How can someone remove the underwear without being stark naked! Someone was walking around 'commando' with questionable cleanliness issues. YUCK!!

What an Opportunity!!

I received an email and a mailing from BTU ( the teacher's union) saying I meet the eligibility requirements to take advantage of the Retirement Assistance Program or RAP.

The program offers employees who retire under its provision Board-paid health insurance
until they reach eligibility for Medicare coverage at age 65. They would also receive $10,000
term life insurance for the same period. These benefits are currently valued at several
thousand dollars a year and will increase in value as premiums rise.

In addition, a $10,000 increase over your normal salary of 2008-09 provides an immediate economic benefit as well as an opportunity to boost the average salary that
determines all your future retirement benefits. These are one-time advantages for deciding now to retire at the end of the 2008-09 school year only.

Oh WOW! Now that I'm finally at the top of the pay-schedule they want me to quit with an irrevocable deal with ONE year of an extra $10,000 and medical insurance. The insurance is only on me by the way. Hubby would have to find something else.

I wonder how many others who are eligible will be gullible enough to take them up on this. Implementation is assured when a target of 150 participants is reached.

I hope you are as excited about participating in this special program as BTU is to offer it
to career teachers under these difficult financial circumstances.


What an Opportunity!!