Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm totally hooked on Zuma. I am personally saving Luxor by shooting marbles and killing all the other marbles. I could spend all day with XBox 360. I didn't even use the Guitar Hero I was so into Uno, Hexic, and Zuma. Oh, Mark. You've created a monster.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I found a bag of VSH tapes that Dad had taped and tonight we watched a couple.
Oh My! One was of a gathering of my Bingham cousins. I haven't seen Danny for many many years and wouldn't have recognized him. Gordon and Bernard look like old farmers with white grizzly beards. Gordon's boys are HUGE.

The other tape we enjoyed was 1989 Christmas. Mom & Dad came to our house and there we were on Christmas morning. Mark got really upset because Blaine ate the head off of his best Santa cookie.

Fluffy headed Scott has his 14th birthday. His voice is mid-change and we could compare it with his 15th birthday too.

It's just great to see Mom and Dad spry and lucid. They both joke and interact.