Saturday, March 31, 2007

He's no Robert

I have been spoiled. I took my first cruise with Star Princess and loved it all. Robert was our dining guru and fussed over us and treated us like royalty. Replacing silverware, refilling glasses, and anticipating our needs.

Last night we went to Olive Garden because we enjoyed the last time, we were celebrating Spring Break, and we both had Fettuccine Alfredo on the brain.

We had probably the worst server in the world. Others were waited on who sat down after us. They had their drinks and bread. Billy finally brought our drinks and bread, but not the plate to put the bread on. There wasn't any butter either. We requested the butter when eventually he breezed by, but it was a LONG time before it got there. I had to ask for straws for our drinks too.

Our meal arrived. Other tables were being asked it they wanted Parmesan cheese on their food. Not us and we had fettuccine and spaghetti. We sat not even touching our food. Blaine was going to go get the little grater himself, but I made him sit back down. When Billy popped back 5 min later I requested the cheese. Oh, no problem and off he blew. Well, 5 min later he came back with the Styrofoam containers, a bag to put them in and a little bowl of grated cheese. I took the containers. Big mistake. When I looked up for the cheese, he had left. We never did get the cheese!

At this point we plopped our food in the containers and prepared to leave. With a minimum tip, were were out of there.

Robert......I miss you and your fanning menus.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Grandpa would shop at Aldies for bargain food when he had to take over the buying when Grandma couldn't. He would buy brands of food I never heard of, but they where cheap. I DO like my brands.

Well, Blaine fell into that mode when he decided we were using too much toilet paper and my Charmin Ultra was too expensive. He bought a 12 pack of Store brand TP for a good price and they were big rolls.

Well, they needed to be big rolls because you have to use so much of it. If it gets wet, it falls apart. Think about all of the ramifications of that. He finally admitted he was having to fold and fold and fold a huge amount and well, yes, he didn't like it either. He actually threw away all 12 rolls and went out to get the Charmin. Not much 'saved' in money, but a lot gained in experience.


I wish you could stop and smell the roses. So ofter roses are bred for being pretty, but the trade-off is that they don't have any smell.

My birthday roses smell great. They are opening up and look lush and old fashioned.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Uh-huh...It's My Birthday....Yeah

It's my Birthday! Oh My! I received 2 bouquets of flowers. ........AT SCHOOL!

Birthday wishes from Brain Age Guy, too.

Here are my flowers and my big present.

Thanks everyone. Big Smile.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Saturday was an eclipse of the moon. We ate at Cracker Barrel then headed over to Deerfield Beach. Seems everyone else had the same idea about going to the beach.Traffic was bumper-to-bumper at 2 mph scoping for parking. We bit the bullet and paid for a parking lot. Well spent money. Right there on the strip.

Families, dates, oldies were camped
on the beach, on beach chairs, and blankets waiting. It was slightly cloudy.

We paid the $1 to go out on the Deerfield Beach pier. Worth it to
o. I never realized that so much fishing took place at night. It was fun. When the moon finally popped out from behind the clouds, the moon was already heading out of the eclipse.


I feed the birds and fill the birdfeeder with a seed mix that has fruits, nuts, and sunflower seeds. Some of the birds shove the seeds around to get whatever is their favorite seed. The seeds that fall to the ground get eaten by a faithful crew of Muscovy ducks. They waddle over and check to see what's been discarded and eye the feeder and hope the others will fling more seeds down on them. Well, they didn't get them all because I've discovered a sunflower growing in the planter. It's a cute little thing and if I had TRIED to grow sunflowers it wouldn't work. Most of the other plants we've planted are lame-looking or dead. I have 1 poinsettia that's still red. The rest are dead. The christmas cactus have been eaten by snails and the orchid on the patio is brown. Sigh.

The bird bath still gets used as a watering a cat. TC (we call it TC because it used to be Tammy's cat before she moved and abandoned it) She/he will come by and drink. It drives Gypsy crazy to have it right THERE in front of HER window.