Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 18th-Up and Over

We decided to go over the Mountain to Cherokee through the park. We hadn't done this for years. They are paving the road to Gatlinburg and so the left lane was blocked. It took 45 min just to get from Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg. Finally started up the park. Speed maybe 35 mph because of the grade and turns. I was happy to go slow, but Blaine doesn't like to follow anyone.

Motor cycles everywhere. There must have been a rally or conference somewhere. I guess we must have seen over 200 and they travel in swarms of at least 6. We went past Clingman's Dome. In past years we might have climbed to the top, but with my bum knee, no.

Beautiful views.

Beautiful wildflowers.

Once over to Cherokee we set to go to Blairsville, Ga where my clerk has built a house. Several of our Winston Park people have bought land/build there. Teachers and police retire there.

She lives on Mountain Top road and it reminded me of the road last year to the cabin S&R rented. Narrow and up. We never did find the house and Blaine was afraid to travel on the road. We plugged in how to get to I-75 at Atlanta. We went from a 2-lane 35 mph road to a 12 lane 70mph road.

We discovered that we are not mountain people, but hill folks. Can't imagine why/how anyone could drive on those roads and if there were the slightest bit of ice, we would slide off.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos! Did you miss us this year?